Rose McGowan Says She’s Still Barbarella

As they say, “love conquers all”. Or is that, “love is blind”? Either way, Rose McGowan (pictured, below) says she’s gonna be Barbarella (pictured, left) in the big-budget remake of the classic Jane Fonda movie even if she has to beat the crap out of everyone to convince them that she’s the only one for the role. That, and because her would-be husband Robert Rodriguez is directing, and he’s dead set on having her star no matter what anyone says, including, reportedly, Universal (that story here). McGowan says as much to MTV, telling them that she’s still the star of the upcoming remake and that she “has the contracts” to prove it.


Not just the contracts, either, but sets and costumes, and a whole “lot of pre-production work,” McGowan revealed, hinting that the flick is actually quite a bit further along than previously speculated.

“Half of the sets have been built. The costumes are done,” the actress confessed, adding with a laugh that she’s “even got my spaceships. I’ve got part of a spaceship built for me!”

Now the only thing that stands in the way of Rose McGowan slipping on the knee-high boots and floating around space is the possibility of a dreaded SAG strike that could, potentially, have disastrous results for Hollywood, more so than the recent WGA strike.

That, and maybe Universal pulling out of the movie if they really do want someone else to play the lead…

Rose McGowan is Barbarella