Rotten Tomatoes Shuts Down Commenting for The Dark Knight Rises After Death Threats

The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Movie IMAX PosterI know Christopher Nolan has his fans, but sheesh, this is a little ridiculous. (By the way, I consider myself a Nolan fan, too, but I don’t think I ever, for a second, entertained the idea of hurting someone who didn’t share my enthusiasm for the man’s cinematic works.) With Nolan’s third and final Batman film “The Dark Knight Rises” set to open later this week, fans are no doubt in a frenzy waiting for that Thursday midnight screening. But critics have already seen the movie ahead and posted their reviews. While the film is currently posting an 87% freshness rating (re: positive reviews) as of this article, there are one or two reviews that were less than positive. Those critics, as you might expect, are feeling the full brunt of the Nolan diehards’ discontent.

It’s apparently gotten so bad that Rotten Tomatoes, who aggregates critics reviews into their “freshness/rotten” ratings system, has had to shut down user comments on their “Dark Knight Rises” page, after users started posting “profane and threatening remarks” against the critics who did not sing “Rises” praises.

Matt Atchity, the site’s editor-in-chief, explains it this way:

The job of policing the comments became more than my staff could handle for that film, so we stopped the comments altogether. It just got to be too much hate based on reactions to reviews of movies that people hadn’t even seen.

One way to fix this, according to Atchity, is to close commenting until the film actually opens this Friday. In theory, this would be the way to go, since it would force commentators to have seen the film first before adding their two cents. As if, you know, such things as logic mattered to a fanboy. Heh heh.

The first critic that felt the Fanboy Wrath was Hollywood and Fine’s Marshall Fine, whose website touts his reviews as “Movies for Smart People”. That’s, uh, yeah. In any case, Fine’s review of “The Dark Knight Rises” was one of the very first ones to appear online, and it was picked up by the fanboy site That in turn sent all the raging fanboys to Fine’s site, where they raged and raged to their heart’s content. Fine seems to have taken the heat in stride (the traffic probably didn’t hurt, either), and even made a podcast about it. But hey, he does write about movies for smart people, so I guess it don’t matter none to him.

“The Dark Knight Rises” opens this Friday.

Via : AP