Rumor: Al Pacino is the Big Boss in Quantum of Solace?

Or as AICN puts it, “Crazy Ass Rumor of the Day”. This one has Al Pacino doing a cameo appearance in the latest Bond movie, “Quantum of Solace”. But wait — it’s just not any cameo. Apparently, according to the scooper, Pacino will be playing the main bad guy, who shows up briefly at the end of “Solace” to introduce himself. The idea, obviously, is to intro the bad guy, and use him extensively in the next movie.


I met with a friend of mine recently, who is currently working on dismantling the sets of the new Bond movie at Pinewood, and will start soon on building the new sets when the crew return later in the year.

Anyway he mentioned that Anatole Taubman and Daniel Craig have filmed a huge fight scene in an art gallery under renovation at the stage.

But the big news that he leaked was that Al Pacino would be taking part in filming. I was a little shocked as the cast has been revealed aready, but he said Pacino would play the head of the terrorist group introduced in CASINO ROYALE and QUANTUM OF SOLACE. Al is said to come to Pinewood in April-May to film what is said to be a brief cameo.

Shorty Al Pacino as the main bad guy in “Quantum of Solace” — or whatever it is they end up calling the next Bond movie? Why not. I don’t recall any of the Bond Big Bosses being really all that physically intimidating anyway; they were usually fat or bald or what have you.

Pacino could work — if this turns out to be true, that is.

Al Pacino is the Big Boss in Quantum of Solace?