RUMOR: Josh Hutcherson is Spider-Man


UPDATED: Or not. 27-year old Andrew Garfield has been officially confirmed as the new, more “authentic” high school Peter Parker.

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According to Blue Sky Disney, who I have never heard of (but Latino Review have, and seems to think very highly of), director Marc Webb and Sony have made their choice, and Josh Hutcherson is your newly christened Spider-Man.

Writes the site:

Your friendly, rebooted Spider-Man in the flesh. Word from my Bothans is that Sony has settled on “Journey to the Center of the Earth’s” Josh Hutcherson as the newly, high school bound Peter Parker. After several extensive test shoots were performed, Marc Webb and the top Sony $uits decided that Hutcherson was the right fit for the role and an offer was made and has been accepted. Now I wonder who’ll be cast as the Lizard?

Not just Hutcherson as Spidey, but the villain will also be the Lizard, according to Blue Sky.

Obviously this isn’t the first site that’s claimed to know who has landed the role of Spider-Man. At one point, some site claimed Jamie Bell had all but gotten the gig, and another site claimed I was up for the role, though I’ve continued to deny it. (Wink.)

Hutcherson has a gaggle of projects on his sleeve at the moment. You can read a quick update of them here. (Just ignore the bit where I claim he’ll never get the Spidey gig. Ahem.)

Hopefully an official confirmation will be forthcoming. That, or an official denial. Either/or, at this point, would be nice.

Author: Nix

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  • BrunetteInFL

    A new actor as Spiderman? Sounds financially risky for the studio, etc…to do. Unless this guy has the same mannerisms and such it won't be a good film at all. No offense to whomever the chose, of course…but when the change actors…the films usually aren't welcomed by the fans.

  • Bad Zack

    got to lean/buff him up

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    I'm all for this. I couldn't get behind Tobey as Spidey anymore…he just stopped fitting the bill to me. Plus the whole “no quipping” thing was getting to me. Let's start fresh and get back to basics. Hutcherson works for me. So does Logan Lerman so either one would be good. And the Lizard as the villain is a definite. It ties him being back in HS to his villain.