Run, Shane, Run! Walking Dead Season 2 Set Pictures

AMC recently released those two very ordinary looking official pics from “The Walking Dead” Season 2, but let’s face it, they could have been pics from the first season for all we know, they were that indistinguishable from all the other “Walking Dead” zombie amassing images. Frankly, I expected something better than just a bunch of zombies standing around looking zombie-ish.

But anyways, these new set pics, though, look to be definitely from the upcoming Season 2 (due out on AMC sometime in October), and features Jon Bernthal’s Shane fleeing the walkers while stuck in what looks like on the Interstate road. No signs of anyone else around, so does this mean Shane breaks away from the group in Season 2?

If you’ve seen Season 1, then you know Shane has very good reasons to say goodbye and strike out on his own. And given that the Shane character is now an open book, thanks to his survival (the character originally died very early on in the comics), it’ll be intriguing to see where showrunner Frank Darabont takes the character from here on out. Unlike the rest of the characters in the show, Shane has the freedom to go anywhere and do pretty much anything from this point on.

h/t SpoilerTV