Rupert Evans as Superman, Minka Kelly in Dallas the Movie?

The guys over at Cinema Blend have learned of a couple of interesting casting decisions — most notably that young British guy Rupert Evans (“Hellboy”) may or may not have been cast as Superman in the much-discussed Justice League of America movie, and that Minka Kelly, one of the Southern belles on the Texas-set “Friday Night Lights” TV show, will be staying in Texas for “Dallas: The Movie”. As with all things related to the whole JLA mess, you’d be wise to take this with a grain of salt. As of right now, I absolutely don’t believe anything that involves the JLA movie until the bloody movie comes out. Having said that, continue on for the latest casting rumors.

About Rupert Evans as Supes in JLA:

Our scooper claims to have been a part of some of the JLA casting sessions in London’s Soho. She says of the actors in attendance, “I’ve heard today that one of them has been cast, or I guess is about to be cast, as Superman. I don’t remember his audition, but I was out of the room for a lot of it. Anyway, the guy everyone is talking about is called Rupert Evans.”

A British guy is already playing Batman, why not give another British guy Superman? Makes sense to me.

Update: 10/25/07: The guys over at IESB have debunk this casting rumor. Then again, the guy over at IESB recently confirmed that that crappy JLA “leaked” script was real, too. I stand by my original assessment of all news regarding the JLA movie — it’s all a big misinformation machine by the studio to mess with us geeks, and nothing is true until the bloody movie comes out.

About Minka Kelly and the possible cast of Dallas: The Movie:

Topping the list of those lower profile names is James Brolin. Our scooper says that he’s heard from one of the film’s producers that Brolin has already agreed to play the part of Jock Ewing. On the series, Jock was the family patriarch and founder of Ewing oil. Jim Davis played him. Brolin would be about the right age and stature to be grandpappy Ewing, and he’s also a damned serious actor. You’ll get no parody with him.

Meanwhile, Minka Kelly is supposed to be a lock as Pamela Ewing. Pamela was originally played by the smoking hot Victoria Principal, and Minka is used to playing smoking hot southern girl since she’s on the Texas football television drama Friday Night Lights. Other casting possibilities include Diane Ladd, who our source says has been approached to play Ms. Ellie, and Julie Bentz, who is to be offered the part of Sue Ellen Ewing.

I have absolutely no idea who any of those characters are. I never watched “Dallas” when it was on TV and I’ll probably shoot myself in the head if someone drags me to see “Dallas: The Movie”. But hey, anything with Minka Kelly is worth posting. Am I right or am I right?

Minka Kelly in Dallas the Movie