Rush Hour 3 Gets a Poster

Remember when all those rumors about squabbling behind the scenes of the “Rush Hour 3” negotiations? As I recall, Chris Tucker wanted a billion dollars to come back, and Jackie Chan wanted total domination of Asia, while Brett Ratner demanded every Playboy Playmate that ever was in order to come back and do a third one. Somehow, someway, all three got their way, because “Rush Hour 3” is now in the can, and now the poster has hit the net. (small version to the left, bigger version below) And you know what? I don’t mind it at all. Yes, Chris Tucker’s mouth is still as big as before, and I still can’t understand a thing Jackie Chan says, but I’ll be damn if the trailer (see it here) didn’t have me laughing.

The description of the film’s plot sort of gives it away:

While in Paris, Lee and Carter inadvertently get mixed up with the Chinese Triad crew.

Basically, Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan goes to France and crazy shit happens. Nuff said.