Russell Crowe and the Dark Knight, 24 Additions, Lindsay Lohan, The Time Traverer’s Wife, New Hitman Trailer

The Dark Knight: Is Russell Crowe set for a cameo appearance in “The Dark Knight”? That’s what Christian Bale is saying, but whether he’s just playing around is a strong possibility. The two has just co-starred in the Western “3:10 to Yuma”, and there is a good chance Bale did talk Crowe into showing up on the Bat set. Here’s what Bale says: “Russell’s going to actually be in the new BATMAN movie, which is a big surprise and I want to reveal it to everybody right now.” I dunno, it sounds like a big gag by Mr. Bale to me.


24: Actor Colm Feore (“The Chronicles of Riddick”) is the latest actor added to the upcoming Season 7 of FOX’s aging action-adventure series “24″. He joins Janeane Garafalo as new faces on the show. Feore will play the husband, or “First Man” of the show’s new female President, while Garafalo will play a federal agent who will, if the show’s past is any indication, become a pain in the ass for Jack Bauer as he tries to save the day. Chances of Garafalo’s character surviving? 10%. Chances of Feore surviving? 100%. The farther you’re away from Bauer, the higher your chances of survivor on the show.


Lindsay Lohan: In Hollywood, as long as you have talent and looks, it’s hard to be “done”, but I’ll be damn if Lindsay Lohan isn’t doing everything she can to make her movie career “done”. After a series of run-ins with the law (drunken driving, car crashes, cocaine possession), the “Just My Luck” star has struck a plea bargain with authorities for a brief 1-day stint in jail followed by the usual community service and promises to go into rehab. One suspects none of this will change Lindsay Lohan’s behavior, and that no one, especially the authorities, will take it seriously until she finally kills someone, or herself. Shame.


The Time Traveler’s Wife: Ron Livingstone has joined the cast of “The Time Traveler’s Wife”, a movie that sounds way too intelligent to actually be any good, but then again, I haven’t read the book, and people who have seems to think it’s da bomb, as the kids would say. He’ll be joining stars Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams. The premise: “A man with a time-traveling gene crosses paths with his lover at different points in her life.” Yeah, not exactly the strongest premise for a movie there, kids.


Hitman: The bald super assassin returns with a second, full trailer.

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