Russell Crowe to the Rescue in The Next Three Days

Diane Kruger and Vincent Lindon in Anything for Her (2008) Movie ImageHey, if you’ve been accused of a crime you didn’t commit and the court throws the book at you, you could do worst than having Russell Crowe on your side looking to bust you out of jail. Then again, maybe that guy from the TV show Prison Break could one-up him, but you know, it’d be a pretty close call, plus Russell Crowe once played a Gladiator, and that’s so much cooler. According to THR, Crowe has signed on to star in “The Next Three Days”, a remake of the 2008 French thriller “Pour Elle”.

Here’s the plot of the French original:

With no legal means left to him, a high school teacher devises a daring plan to rescue his wrongfully imprisoned wife from jail.

More of the plot from some guy name Happy_Evil_Dude at

Lisa and Julien are married and lead a happy uneventful life with their son Oscar. But their life radically changes one morning, when the police comes to arrest Lisa on murder charges. She’s sentenced to 20 years of prison. Convinced of his wife’s innocence, Julien decides to act. How far will he be willing to go for her?

Basically, Crowe’s wife gets busted for murder and he has to rescue her from prison. The film will be coming to you courtesy of Paul Haggis (“Crash”), who will write and direct the remake. This thing is moving fast, too, they’re already eyeballing a September start date.

The original was co-written and directed by Fred Cavayé, and starred Vincent Lindon and Hollywood actress Diane Kruger. Wouldn’t it be a riot if Haggis got Kruger to do the remake, too?

Below: “I am Russell Crowe, and if it’s the last thing I do, I will rescue you, Diane Kruger.”

Diane Kruger in Anything for Her (2008) Movie Image