Russell Crowe Will (Probably) Officially Board Noah

Noah from the BibleAfter director Darren Aronofsky made it publicly known that he’d sure like Russell Crowe to star in his big-screen, epic drama “Noah” (after, ahem, a couple of other publicly known actors turned the role down), the actor made it publicly known right back that Yes, he’d like to star in it, too. That, apparently, has now morphed into negotiations between the two sides.

In Aronofsky’s re-imagined version of the bible character, Crowe would play Noah, “a man who loves Earth and all of its animal inhabitants but has become disillusioned with the way humans have treated their planet.” I’m not sure if that’s how Noah was portrayed in the Bible, since the last time I picked up a Bible was, well, a long time ago.

Previous reports also had Liam Neeson being eyed for another major role in the film. We’ll have to wait and see how that one turns out. If Crowe signs on, though, the film’s biggest piece, the man who would play Noah, would be in place and the film could start production as early as this July.

Aronofsky would direct from a script by John Logan (of “Gladiator” fame, which also starred Russell Crowe).

Russell Crowe in Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003) Movie Image

Via : Variety