Russell Mulcahy Takes the Bait

The ever prolific and ever hit-and-miss Russell Mulcahy (“Highlander”) is getting in on all the suddenly popular killer fish action — he’s signed on to write and direct “Bait”, a killer shark movie that will be shot in that trendy 3D all the kids are crowing about nowadays. Now instead of watching the sharks swim around on the screen, they’ll be coming right at you. Well, kinda. Not really, but you get the gist.

THR says the film will be set in a coastal town where a freak tsunami floods and traps shoppers in a supermarket. If that’s not bad enough, the shoppers are now trapped with an armed maniac and a pack of hungry tiger sharks that have been washed into the building. If you thought maneuvering through a supermarket packed with shoppers was hard, try one packed with tiger sharks. See, there’s a reason I hate going to buy groceries.

Gary Hamilton and Dale Bradley will produce the film, which is set to shoot on Australia’s Gold Coast later this year. Gleefully declares Hamilton:

“This will be a truly monstrous thriller and the first Australian feature in 3-D.”

Because, let’s face it, haven’t we all been asking ourselves, “Man, when are the Aussies going to do a killer fish movie in 3-D already?” I know I have.

Below: “Killer tiger sharks on Aisle 5. Killer tiger sharks on Aisle 5.”