Russell Mulcahy to Direct Scorpion King 2 Sequel

I like Russell Mulcahy. I really do. He’s given us some really good movies, including the original “Highlander” and “The Lost Battalion”, but he’s also the same guy who has given us “Highlander 2”, “Tales of the Mummy”, and “The Curse of King Tut’s Tomb”. Speaking of mummies, Mulcahy will soon be helming the sequel to “The Scorpion King”, possibly to coincide with the release of Rob Cohen’s “Mummy 3” sequel.

Mulcahy is coming off “Resident Evil 3: Extinction”.

There is still no casting or plot details for “Scorpion King 2”, and no word if the Rock would return in the starring role. Being that the Rock hasn’t done squat lately that could be reasonably called “good”, it might be a good idea for him to sign up for the sequel.

Although to be sure, I’m not really concern if the Rock comes back; I’m just hoping for a Kelly Hu return.