Ryan Gosling Close to Running in Logan’s Run Remake

UPDATE: It’s official. Gosling has signed on the dotted line.


It looks like Warner Bros.’ “Logan’s Run” remake is almost getting there, with this news that Ryan Gosling is finalizing a deal to play the lead in the big studio action tentpole film, a first for the actor. Besides Gosling in the lead, “Valhalla Rising’s” Nicolas Winding Refn, who just finished directing Gosling in the heist flick “Drive”, will also climb onboard as director.

“Logan’s Run” is one of those long-gestating projects that has seen plenty of directors take swipes at it, including “Tron: Legacy’s” Joseph Kosinksi and Bryan Singer. But this is the first time that an actor is this close to signing on, with a director firmly attached.

Set in the 23rd Century, the film would star Gosling as a Sandman, whose job is to “put to sleep” citizens of a domed utopia after they reach a certain age in order to maintain the society’s blissful status quo. The age was 21 the original novel by William F. Nolan, but obviously that’s going to have to change with Gosling already 30.

Previously, “Sunshine’s” Alex Garland was penning a draft of the script.