Ryan Gosling is Green Lantern?

In case you haven’t gotten enough of casting rumors about comic book characters yet, you’re in luck, buckaroos, because here’s another one: word has it that actor Ryan Gosling is Warner Bros’ number one choice to play the lead in their sure-to-be huge budgeted adaptation of the Green Lantern comic book character. You remember Green Lantern, right? The guy in the green suit with the super powerful green ring that can do anything you can dream off, but, er, for some reason, can’t do squat against anything with the yellow in it? Yeah, that dude. Apparently Gosling is exactly the right age for the Hal Jordan character, who is 27 in the script WB is said to be using for their movie.

This movie rumor comes to you courtesy of the boys at Latino Review:

You know who the studio wants to wear Abin Sur’s ring and take up the mantle of The Green Lantern?

From my trusted source within the WB, I’m hearing…


So there you go. LR is pretty good when it comes to these big-time casting rumors. Remember when they broke the Jake Gyllenhaal as the Prince of Persia? Yeah, that was them, too.

I’m not exactly a diehard fan of Gosling, but he is a pretty good actor. And he’s definitely a better choice then some of the other names that have been floated for the part, like Seth Green, Justin Long, and David Boreanaz. Although a geeky Seth Green as the Green Lantern might have been good for a laugh…

Below: All-Star Batman describes the Green Lantern to a “T”.

All Star Batman and Green Lantern