Ryan Reynolds And Jason Bateman Made A Promo Video For The Change-Up

I don’t know if you care or not, but the Hollywood hype-machine is kicking it up a few notches for this weekends release of “The Change-Up”, the raunchy new body-swap comedy starring Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman. To whet your whistle for some dick jokes, the two headliners made a promo video for YouTube. They poke fun at the inherently ridiculous nature of the plot of “The Change-Up”, mock “Green Lantern”, drop a few hints at some of the filthiest jokes, and tell you to invite your grandmother.

Here’s a synopsis:

“The Change-Up” is “Freaky Friday” with dudes.

That’s it. The premise is idiotic, but a lot of “The Change-Up” is actually pretty funny. My review will appear, as if by magic, sometime later this week. Until then, this video gives you a good look at the chemistry between the two leads, and lets you know that it almost received an NC-17 rating. It’s that kind of movie.

In addition to Reynolds and Bateman, “The Change-Up” also stars Leslie Mann and Olivia Wilde. Directed by David Dobkin (“Wedding Crashers”), and written by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore (“The Hangover”), “The Change-Up” switches things up this Friday, August 5th.