Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman to Switch Bodies

Eventually, that is. Not sure when exactly Ryan Reynolds is going to find time to actually do this comedy, what with the gazillion other projects already on his plate, but THR has him signed on to co-star with Jason Bateman in the body switching comedy “The Change Up”. From the writers of “The Hangover”, the bro-centric film would find Bateman playing a good family man who somehow switches bodies with his lazy, ne’er-do-well best friend played by Reynolds. Hilary, as they say, ensue.

David Dobkin (“Wedding Crashers”) will direct for Universal. Meanwhile, Reynolds is currently shooting the D.C. comics epic “Green Lantern”, while Bateman is probably getting ready to star in yet another Jason Reitman film and answering never-ending “Arrested Development” questions in-between.

Ryan Reynolds is, uh, man pretty.