Ryan Reynolds Continues to Make me Giddy about a Deadpool Movie

The more Ryan Reynolds talks about his upcoming Deadpool movie, which is currently being fast-tracked into production and should soon nab a script to lure in a director, the more I’m getting all giddy over the possibility of watching the mouthy mercenary run around onscreen slicing people up and then cracking jokes over their sliced up body parts. Of course, there is some danger of being too loyal to the comic book material (just ask Zack Snyder), but luckily for Reynolds, who will be pretty much glued to the character throughout his development, there’s only one character that needs to stay faithful, and that’s Deadpool himself.

Reynolds tells MTV:

“I get to be the authentication police, in a weird way. To their credit — the studio’s credit — they want to make an authentic ‘Deadpool’ movie; they want to make it as close to the source material as possible.”

“He’s going to be the Merc with the Mouth, [we’re going to give] all those answers that everyone wants. He’s going to have the scarred-up face, he’s going to be in the suit — and, it’s going to be incredible.”


Below: People always told him that mouth of his would get him in trouble…