Ryan Reynolds Gets a Hot French Girlfriend in Safe House

So sue me, but I love the concept behind Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington’s upcoming actioner “Safe House”. Oh sure, it’s been done to death, but so has the “man on a vengeance” movies, and I can still use a couple of dozen more of those in my diet. Anyways, the Reynolds-Washington “Safe House” has added one sure thing to its cast, and a possible second castmember if everything falls into place.

The sure thing is that French actress/singer Nora Arnezeder (sidebar) will be making her American film debut in “Safe House”. LatinoReview says Arnezeder will play Ana Ramos, Ryan Reynolds’ love interest in the movie. Now normally I would say Scarlett Johansson should be very worried (I mean, look at her — that’s one nice looking French gal right there), but since the two are separated, that point seems moot.

In the rumor area, Jeff Bridges may end up playing a big cheese in the CIA. Maybe. LR says it all depends on how the current rewrite on the Universal project is coming along.

“Safe House” would star Reynolds as a CIA “house sitter” watching over a lethal prisoner played by Washington, an ex-CIA agent, when the two are attacked by even more dangerous men and forced to team up in order to survive. No idea where they’re going to squeeze Arnezeder into that, but I’m assuming it’ll be sexy like this commercial she just did: