Ryan Reynolds Insists He’s Still Doing Deadpool. Probably.

Ryan Reynolds has lots going on at the moment, including fronting a major studio franchise in “Green Lantern”, and starring in a dozen other movies sans tights. But that’s not going to stop him from fronting another major studio franchise in “Deadpool”. Or, to hear him tell it, he still wants to do it, but you know, maybe, maybe not.

Reynolds tells Empire on the status of “Deadpool”:

Deadpool’s still in the works. I’m not sure how logistically it works in terms of scheduling, but yeah, I want it to happen.

But would he actually be able to front two superhero franchises at the same time?

Those two universes are completely different. Superhero movies are so pervasive in pop culture, I don’t look at the as superhero roles as much as just roles. They’re such different people. Deadpool is about a guy in a highly militarised shame spiral, Green Lantern is more universally themed.

Of course, when you come right down to it, Reynolds wanting to make the movie and being able to do it aren’t exactly the same things. He could want to, but time constraints could get in the way, and frankly, I don’t see anyone else getting a movie like “Deadpool”, with its very niche fanbase, greenlit. Without Reynolds, this thing may be dead in the waters.

But for now, yes, if he had his way, Ryan Reynolds would still play the merc with a mouth. But of course, that’s a pretty big “if”, especially if “Green Lantern” is successful. No doubt Warner Bros. would want him back at work on a part two very quickly…