Ryan Reynolds Is No Longer Highlander’s The One

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool in X-Men Origins Wolverine

Ryan Reynolds as the Highlander was always an odd choice. Sure, he’s handled swords before, most notably in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, where he played the swords-slinging Deadpool. And his star is certainly rising, despite some hiccups along the way.

So what happened? I have no idea, but the producers of the “Highlander” reboot never really managed to bring onboard a director who saw things their way, and as a result Reynolds has now bailed on the project, leaving the producers to look for not only a new star, but also a new director.

Christopher Lambert in Highlander“Fast and Furious'” Justin Lin was supposed to direct at one point (then again, he was supposed to direct a lot of movies but always kept ending up doing another silly “Fast and Furious” installment instead), with “28 Weeks Later’s” Juan Carlos Fresnadillo taking over about a year back. Well, Fresnadillo is gone now, too, along with Reynolds.

In the reboot, Reynolds would have played Connor MacLeod, an Immortal Scotsman who battles a brutish Barbarian called the Kurgan for The Prize. You get bonus points if you can pinpoint exactly what the hell The Prize is. MacLeod was supposed to have gotten that prize in the first movie, but the movie did so well they did a sequel that undid everything in the first movie. Then there was another couple of sequels that made almost as much sense as the first sequel (which is to say, not very much), and a TV series. Basically, I don’t think anyone knows what the hell The Prize is anymore.

Honestly, though, I’m not sure there are that many “Highlander” fans feeling all that down about this. It’s too bad Adrian Paul, who starred in the TV series, never really got an honest chance at continuing the movie franchise. He got pretty good with the sword after a while.

Via : The Wrap