Ryan Reynolds is the Frontrunner for Highlander Reboot

Ryan Reynolds in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) Movie ImageThere can be only one — and it might be Ryan Reynolds. The trades are reporting that Reynolds is the frontrunner to take over the “Highlander” reboot for Summit Entertainment, with “Intruders” director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo still attached to direct.

Variety, who reported the news, isn’t sure if an offer has already been extended to Reynolds, but their sources are telling them that the two sides are “in talks and are very interested in working together.” But, they caution, Reynolds still has plenty of other offers that might he might choose instead.

Reynolds seems like an odd choice to star in a “Highlander” reboot. Mind you, not that he couldn’t do it. The guy knows his way around action, and whirled a couple of mean swords as Deadpool in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”. And while his would-be franchise starring turn in “Green Lantern” may have gone down in flames, his last movie, “Safe House” with Denzel Washington was a much-needed hit, with $201 million worldwide.

Still, as an immortal Highlander? He doesn’t look, well, old enough. Gruff enough. You know, like he’s lived through a thousand years and seen a thousand bad things. He’s just so … contemporary looking. And young.

“Highlander”, of course, concerns a race of immortal humans that travel across time trying to take each other’s heads. The 1986 original starred Christopher Lambert and spawn a couple of sequels, each one more ludicrous than the next. It also spun off a very decent TV show starring Adrian Paul, who eventually took over the film franchise from Lambert a few years back.

And let’s face it, Reynolds fans. Chances of us getting a “Deadpool” movie is getting bleaker by the year. Maybe a “Highlander” movie is a possible replacement. After all, Ryan Reynolds will finally get his hands on a pair of swords again, and who says his Highlander can’t be a wiseass with a mouth on him?

By the way. My favorite “Highlander” movie? Bar none, the first sequel. It’s friggin’ genius.