Ryan Reynolds is the Green Lantern

We went into Friday hearing that Warner Bros. had three final candidates to play their Green Lantern, in what is sure to be a big-budget epic production. Later that day, news came out that WB had indeed chosen their emerald warrior — and he is Ryan Reynolds. I can’t say I’m surprised, or disappointed, because Reynolds would have been my choice as well. I’m just not sure how signing on to another franchise role will affect Reynolds’ “Deadpool” movie, if any.

In any case, according to Variety, Reynolds was the choice for director Martin Campbell and the suits at Warner Bros. The other top two contenders had been Bradley Cooper (who I thought might be too old for the role, or at least, looks too old) and Justin Timberlake, who might be too, well, cast him if you want the fanboys to avoid this thing like the plague, that’s all I’m saying.

So they chose Ryan Reynolds, and I have to say, yeah, I can dig it. Reynolds certainly has the geek clout with the fanboys and Interwebs people out there, as his love for comics is well known. He’ll now play a major comic book character for both D.C. and Marvel, which I think might be a first.

Production on “Green Lantern” is expected to begin in January 2010, or until Campbell and Warner Bros. can agree on a budget. As written, the film will be an Intergalactic space epic, meaning lots of special effects and alien worlds. In a word, huge.

Below: “See, this is why all my bullets are yellow. And people laughed at me when I told them — hah!”