Ryan Reynolds on Deadpool Again, Pessimistic About a Green Lantern 2

Ryan ReynoldsPassion projects are nothing new in Hollywood. You just don’t usually see them involving comic books starring guys who talk to the reader and engage in so much meta that it boggles the mind. Which is what Deadpool does in his comics, and, one presumes, what he’ll do in the movie version — if one ever gets made, that is. (Fox currently has the film tentatively pegged for 2014. The operative word here is tentatively.)

But you gotta give Ryan Reynolds credit, though: the guy has yet to lose his passion for a “Deadpool” movie, and continues to talk it up. In a recent interview with IGN, he had this to say about the film’s potential R-rating glory:

The script is, I think, fantastic. It’s been developed further in the last three months or so. But the film has to be rated R and has to be done a certain way and it has to be through all these things, and I’m sure it can be a little bit worrisome for the guy who’s cutting the checks for it. If it’s going to be done, it has to be done right.

Reynolds also once again confirms that the Deadpool that will appear in “Deadpool” the movie would have no connections to the Deadpool that showed up in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”. Good to know, good to know.

He continues:

If we ended up doing a ‘Deadpool’ movie, that’d be a lot of fun. I think having the opportunity to do it rated R would have to mean the budget is down enough that you’re given the opportunity to take big risks and do things that most superhero movies haven’t been able to.

Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern (2011) Movie ImageWell, he certainly sounds enthused about a “Deadpool” movie. But what about a sequel to “Green Lantern”, Ryan? I’m sure there are two, three, maybe even four guys out there still waiting for a sequel:

I have no idea. You know, I have no idea. Those movies have huge scale budgets and those sorts of things. Personally, working in the budget world of that kind of level is not as much fun, because there’s so much investment in the outcome.

Translation: the studio and I took a stab at it, and we both lost.

Here’s the deal: I don’t see “Deadpool” needing a big budget. It’s not like the guy shoots lasers out of his eyes or atomic beams out of his hands. He’s just a dude armed with swords and guns and a big mouth. Take his introduction in “Origins”. That’s what you could do with an entire “Deadpool” movie. There’s no need for Galactus to show up, or the Fantastic Four, etc. Hell, if Reynolds really wants to make this thing, he could slice his paycheck in half (or more) and make it for under $20 million easy.

Via : MTV