Ryan Reynolds Seems to Think he’ll Either Do R.I.P.D. or Deadpool, but Not Both

In which case, I got money that it’ll be “Deadpool”. Call it a hunch, or the fact that Reynolds has been talking up the role since forever, while “R.I.P.D.” has only recently come up. Then again, “R.I.PD.” already has itself a director, while “Deadpool” is flirting with Robert Rodriguez, so you can actually say that “R.I.P.D.” is further head in development…

In any case, here’s what Reynolds said about the two movies to IO9 while doing press for his new thriller “Buried”:

People sort of ask this question, like I have any say in the matter. They’re both movies I’m interested in, they’re both movies that are in fast-track development. But I never say I’m doing a movie until I break for lunch the first day. Because it’s such a crapshoot, this industry. Everything’s so fickle and so contingent on so many factors, aside from just an actor. And because it has an actor, and because these films have interested directors, it’s obviously likely that they’ll both get made. But I think it would be more likely that only one of them gets made with me.

That last part is the soup bone quote: “But I think it would be more likely that only one of them gets made with me.”

Reynolds reiterates, though, that he won’t even be making that choice until he’s done with the comedy “The Change-up” and the action thriller “Safe House” with Denzel Washington as his follow-ups to “Green Lantern”.

It’s then that he starts working on either “R.I.P.D.” or “Deadpool”.

That is, unless “Green Lantern 2” gets in the way first…

Don't lose your head, Ryan, do Deadpool first!