Ryan Reynolds talks Deadpool Spin-Off Movie

“X-Men Origins: Deadpool”? Or maybe just “Deadpool: The Movie”? Either way, comic book geeks everywhere are waiting for Ryan Reynolds to get his own comic book movie. If not The Flash (which is looking very unlikely at this point), then the next best thing is the merc with the mouth, Deadpool, a character Reynolds will be playing in the upcoming “Wolverine” movie. So what about that spin-off movie, Ryan?

The boys at Latino Review got to talk with Ryan Reynolds about a possible “Deadpool” movie during the junket for “Adventureland”, in which Reynolds co-stars, and disappointingly, doesn’t get to slice anyone’s head off with a sword in:

Ya, I love the character. I’ve always loved the character. I remember reading one of the Deadpool comic books, and somebody asked Deadpool what he looks like. And he said he looks like a cross between a Shar-Pei and Ryan Reynolds. And I was like, I really, really wanna play this guy at some point. I thought it was pretty cool. It’s a guy that knows he’s in a comic book. How hard is it to shoot that properly? That’s not something they put in Wolverine nor would it belong in that universe.

There are also more stuff from the “Wolverine” movie, most of which we’ve already spoiled for you here regarding what happens to Reynolds’ Deadpool character.

Which leads me to this: if they do end up with a spin-off movie for Reynolds as Deadpool, it will probably have to be a prequel, unless they want to completely erase what happens at the end of “Wolverine”. That is, if the spoilers we got were true and not made up. Then again, they could just go the “Elektra” route, and sort of just ignore the “Wolverine” movie…

Below: Seriously, there should be a law against looking this perfect.