Ryan Reynolds to Star in Atom Egoyan’s Kidnap Thriller Queen of the Night


Ryan Reynolds in Safe House (2012) Movie ImageRyan Reynolds is 35 years old but looks 30. Hell, I think he can play 25 if he shaves. Honestly, dude just looks young. In Atom Egoyan’s new movie “Queen of the Night”, though, the former Green Lantern will play the father of a 17-year old. I’m guessing he’ll be trying to grow that beard back before shooting begins, right? Otherwise, it’s just not going to look very convincing.

In any case, Reynolds has signed on to star in “Queen of the Night”, a psychological thriller for critically acclaim director Atom Egoyan (“Chloe”, “The Sweet Hereafter”). When I say “critically acclaim”, I mean movie critics love him, but chances of you having seen any of his movies are pretty nil.

In the film, Reynolds will play a father “who discovers a series of disturbing clues eight years after his daughter is abducted, a trail that leads him to believe the now 17-year old girl is alive. He is determined to find her.”

“Queen of the Night” is set to shoot next February in Ontario, which means, yes, for those of you still holding out hope that Reynolds might actually star in the “Deadpool” movie, honestly, guys, it’s going to be a while — if it ever happens at all.

At least, it’s not going to happen until Reynolds becomes a star of, say, Matt Damon proportions, after which he can call his own shots. That’ll be a few years yet, though. “Safe House” was a hit, but it wasn’t a “Ryan Reynolds movie”. He can thank Denzel Washington for that one. Though if he signs on to “The Highlander” reboot and it becomes a big hit, who knows? The merc with a mouth might indeed get made … eventually.

Atom Egoyan on the set of Chloe (2009) Movie Image

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  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/BZBUOXY42MWKDTFMTQIXVNUB24 Dominique

    I’ve pretty much given up on Reynolds fronting a Deadpool movie. Even though I really, really, REALLY want to see him do it, with each part he takes that isn’t Wade Wilson, my hopes dim just a little bit more……….

    • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Dedpool

      Well the thing is you can’t take a part for a movie that isn’t ready to be filmed you know. Sure he could say I’m in and lets go. And then the film doesn’t start production for another year plus. And other stuff is offered, etc. So I still have faith. As soon as we get a script is done, director is chosen, and producers set and all then the casting can start.