Ryan Reynolds Wants a Deadpool Movie

After realizing that The Flash movie will probably never happen (stupid Hollywood), Ryan Reynolds seems ready to move on to another superhero character — or, actually, anti-hero character — the mutant mercenary known as Deadpool. For non-comic book readers, Deadpool is this louthmouth (or motormouth) villain who was a royal pain in the X-Men’s behind (he was introduced in either the New Mutants or X-Force, I forgot which), and was created by artist Rob Liefeld and writer Fabian Nicieza. Liefeld gave Deadpool his look (basically, Liefeld draws all his characters the same, just with different color tights), but it was Nicieza who really gave the guy personality, but then again, Nicieza was always good at giving characters smart-alecky personalities.

Says Reynolds about the character:

“He’s a derivative of the Weapons X program… They turned him into a puddle and shipped him off. Just left him for dead. But he came back with all these mutant powers. And he’s pissed off “” in a full-fledged, I’m gonna get you way.

It’s a very tricky character to do… It’s hard R. It’s ambiguous whether he’s good or bad. He’s a mercenary. This is all to say nothing of the fact that his face is made entirely of scar tissue.

These are huge issues… Hopefully, there’ll be [somebody] who has the balls to go there and make a really authentic, decent “˜Deadpool’ movie.”

You can find out more about the character on Wikipedia.

I like Reynolds. He’s actually just as wise-alecky as the Deadpool character, and God knows the dude has the physique to do the character justice. But like the Flash movie, I don’t see this one happening. Why? Um, I don’t know, a guy in red ninja tights running around gutting people just doesn’t seem very appealing as a movie to me.

Then again, who knows?

Ryan Reynolds Wants a Deadpool Movie