Rza And Russell Crowe Are Making A Kung Fu Movie

Founding member of the Wu-Tang Clan, Rza, is going to direct and star in a kung fu movie starring Russell Crowe. The film is called “The Man With the Iron Fists”, and was cowritten with Eli Roth.

Rza will play a village blacksmith in feudal China who makes weapons. About Crowe’s involvement he told E!UK,

“I won’t spoil it for you, but Russell’s gonna be the baddest man alive … That man is in fighting shape. That man will knock you out.”

The film starts shooting in Shanghai this December, and Universal has reportedly given them $20 million to work with. Though it initially sounds like a strange collaboration, Rza and Crowe have worked together before on “American Gangster”, and between Rza’s well-known love of kung fu movies and Crowe’s penchant for clobbering things, this sounds more and more like a good idea.