RZA is the Man with the Iron Fist

You gotta love the idea of the Wu-Tang guys, a bunch of black rappers from New York, who loved kung fu movies so much they named their band after a kung fu movie title, and probably spends more time watching old school Shaw Bros. flicks than they do getting high. And we know how much rappers love getting high, so that’s saying something. So what have they done besides actually speak of their love for chop socky flicks? One of them, RZA, plans on making the ultimate bad ass martial arts movie called “Man with the Iron Fist”. And no, it’s not about Danny Rand, aka the Iron Fist of Marvel lore.

CHUD got the scoop from Eli Roth, who is apparently producing the flick to be RZA’s writing and directing debut:

Yes, it is true. RZA’s script is amazing. He has been studying directing with Tarantino for years. and he’s really ready to get behind the camera. His impact on rap music and hip hop culture cannot be measured, and he’s ready to add his own unique style and vision to the world of film. This movie will have everything martial arts fans could want, combined with RZA’s superb musical talent. This project has been his dream for years, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it. And fans should know that yes, there will be blood… This ain’t no PG-13.

The idea sounds like something I could get behind, and RZA has provided the soundtrack for a couple of really good “kung fu in the hood” movies, with the best being the awesome “Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai”.

But a rapper making his writing and directorial debut? Sounds a bit farfetched, regardless of who he has been “studying directing” under. And really, is Tarantino the best person to be studying under?

Rza in the Man with the Iron Fist