Sabu’s Miss Zombie Shambles into North America This Month

Miss Zombie (2013) Movie Image

Acclaimed Japanese director Sabu’s horror flick “Miss Zombie” is presently scheduled to screen at this year’s Austin Fantastic Fest. If you’re planning to attend the festival later this month, then you definitely should allot some time to this little genre effort. Judging from the trailer, it definitely has potential. If you like ’em strange and kinky, that is.

Check out this lengthy synopsis:

A doctor and his family receive an unexpected delivery from an old friend at their remote country home – a large wooden crate containing a gun, a female zombie and an instruction sheet telling them not to feed her meat. The family is concerned, of course, but she seems harmless enough. Perhaps she can help clean up outside? Welcome to the unusual world of MISS ZOMBIE, a world in which the zombie virus is clearly a well-known phenomenon and in which more docile sufferers are bought and sold to hobbyists or those looking for cheap labour. It’s a practice not without controversy – the neighbours aren’t thrilled about the newly arrived undead – but she’s quiet, requires little supervision and is an immediate hit with the family’s young son.

Sabu’s “Miss Zombie” will hit the screen at the Austin Fantastic Fest on September 21. Check it out if you’re in the area. Should you need convincing, have a look at the trailer below.

Via : 24 Frames Per Second