Sadako Honored with Her Own Japanese Baseball Card

Sadako, the vengeful spirit who is currently scaring up some business in Japan with the three-dimensional horror flick “Sadako 3D”, threw out the first pitch at a baseball game in her homeland earlier this year. Of course, the whole thing was a publicity stunt to draw some attention to the aforementioned motion picture, though the clip is amusing in its own right. In honor(?) of Sadako’s contribution to Japanese baseball, BBM will feature the creepy lass on a baseball card due out this August. Sure, it’s a little peculiar, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t kind of cool. You can find the image below.

Speaking of “Sadako 3D”, a few Japanese theaters started screening the film in 4D on June 7th, which I’m sure is something to experience. In addition to having white smoke pumped in their faces, audience members can expect to have their legs grabbed and their arms bound with Velcro straps. Here’s the major selling point: at one point during the film, the theater will find itself engulfed in Sadakos. That would scare the hell out of me.

Tsutomu Hanabusa’s “Sadako 3D”, which stars Satomi Ishihara, Koji Seto, Yusuke Yamamoto, and Ai Hashimoto, is in theaters right now. If you missed the titular character’s baseball debut, take a look at the video below. It’s silly, yes, but there’s still something creepy about it.

Via : Nippon Cinema