Saffron Burrows Joins Bones Spin-Off Show The Finder

The lovely Saffron Burrows has joined the FOX “Bones” spin-off show “The Finder”, based on the series of novels by author Richard Greener, and is set to star Geoff Stults as the titular hero.

Originally thought to be called “The Locator” (the name of the character in the novels, so it was a pretty good assumption, but alas wrong), the show will instead be called “The Finder”. Yeah, definitely not as cool sounding as “The Locator”.

Burrows, who has a long career in the movies (including my personal favorite, the shark attack flick “Deep Blue Sea”), as well as regular stints on TV shows like “Law and Order” and “Boston Legal”, will play the Finder’s sidekick, a bar owner who can fly a helicopter. And, er, drive a boat. I have no idea if driving a boat is some kind of skill, but it’s mentioned that she can also drive a boat, too, so there you have it.