Saffron Burrows Re-Cast on Bones Spin-Off Show The Finder

Apparently British actress Saffron Burrows’ “cockney accent” was too much for the producers of “The Finder”, that “Bones” spin-off show that has since been greenlit for series by FOX. According to EW, “the network has decided to re-conceive the role” played by Burrows, though the site speculates that could be because of the cockney accent that Burrows used in the show’s backdoor pilot, which was also an episode of their hit “Bones” earlier this year.

I have to admit, I watched that “Bones” episode and I didn’t really notice Burrows was using an accent, cockney or otherwise. Then again, I watch a lot of British movie/TV, so maybe I just didn’t notice it nearly as much as, say, some network suit who decided it was too “thick”.

Which, in itself, is an odd reason to re-cast Burrows. She’s played an American in plenty of movies and TV shows, so unless the network just wanted a new actress in a role, I don’t know why they couldn’t just ask her to do an American accent on the show. Or it could be they actually meant it when they said they wanted to “re-conceive” the character, a bartender who helps the main character with his cases.

“The Finder” stars Geoff Stults as an ex-soldier who, after getting some metal stuck in his head during his tour of duty in the Middle East, develops the ability to “find” just about anything and everything. No idea how that would work, but I guess that’s why there’s a show — to explore it. Michael Clarke Duncan is the other main character.

As early as last week, FOX was still using scenes from the “Bones” episode as “The Finder’s” calling card, though as you’ll notice at the end they conveniently didn’t mention Burrows’ name as “starring” in the show, only Michael Clarke Duncan and Stults.