Saldana, Affleck, and Duvall May Hop into the Furnace

Robert DuvallCasey AffleckWith The Dark Knight himself set as its leading man, Scott Cooper’s revenge flick “Out of the Furnace” is now looking to add more castmembers to the fire alongside Christian Bale.

Zoe Saldana, Robert Duvall, and Casey Affleck are in various stages of joining the film, which will be based on the once-upon-a-time hot script “The Low Dweller” by Brad Ingelsby that has been, we’re told, “significantly revised” by writer/director Cooper (“Crazy Heart”). At one point or another, lots of people were attached to make the film, but none of them stuck. It took Bale’s commitment to get the film finally off the ground. I guess Batman still has a lot of pull in Hollywood.

“Star Trek’s” Zoe Saldana would play the love interest and Bale’s ex-wife, a waitress who is now married to the town sheriff. Robert Duvall will play Bale’s uncle, while Casey Affleck is up for the role of Bale’s brother, whose death vexes Bale’s ex-con character. Will he avenge his brother’s death, or go straight? Oh, who are we kidding. We all know what he’s going to be choose.

The film will apparently be a “gritty throwback to 1970s movies”, which I presume means along the lines of “Death Wish” and the like.

Once Relativity greenlights the film, “Out of the Furnance” is expected to go into production by Spring of this year.

Zoe Saldana

Via : Variety