Salt’s Phillip Noyce Remaking Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Bloodsport

Jean-Claude Van Damme in Bloodsport (1988) Movie ImageFrank Dux Redux? Yup.

ScreenDaily has news from Cannes that producer Edward Pressman has signed up “Salt’s” Phillip Noyce to direct and “Taken’s” Robert Mark Kamen to write a remake of the 1988 Jean-Claude Van Damme tournament fighting movie “Bloodsport”.

For those not familiar with the JCVD original, it starred the Muscles from Brussels as Frank Dux, an Army guy who goes AWOL in order to enter an underground tournament held annually called the Kumite. The movie co-starred Bolo Yeung as the dirty fighter standing in Dux’s way to greatness. The film launched Van Damme’s career, and proved popular enough to spawn three sequels, with Daniel Bernhardt taking over the lead role for all three sequels.

“Bloodsport” was a major movie for Van Damme, and as I recall, he went around town promoting the film himself with paper flyers and such. Or at least, that’s what he said during an interview.