Salva Updates Jeepers Creepers 3, Including the Return of Gina Philips

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The two “Jeepers Creepers” movies are underrated horror gems in my opinion. The first one, in particular, is just great stuff, managing to both conform to genre conventions and at the same time busting it wide open. (Who saw the police station attack sequence coming? I didn’t.) The second one had its moments, but overall I thought it could have been better. All that said, a third “Jeepers Creepers” has been talked about for a while, and now Salva confirms that they are just getting the money together, and, if all goes well, will be in production very, very soon.

In an interview with the spooks at Dread Central, Salva also confirms the return of Gina Philips’ character, who will be taking the lead in the third entry. Not just her, but her son. Yup, according to Salva, it’s now 23 years later and Philips’ character Trish is older, wiser, and a total MILF. She now has a teenage son named Darry, who is, of course, named after her dead brother (played by Justin Long in the original).

Salva also confirms that Jonathan Breck will return as the Creeper, though he doesn’t mention anything about Ray Wise’s character from the second film. And oh yeah, for you Creeper fans, the winged badass will also be getting his truck back to roam the American heartland looking for victims. After all, if you got wheels, why fly?

Oooh, Gina Philips. Creeper likey!

Oooh, Gina Philips. Creeper likey!

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