Sam Jackson is Bemused by (Cheapskate) Marvel

In an interview with IGN while doing the press rounds for the DVD release of his animated “Afro Samurai”, Samuel L. Jackson manages to find some chuckles from his currently contract brouhaha with Marvel Studios for him to appear in “Iron Man 2”. It’s just a brief clip (about 30-seconds long) but you can tell that Jackson can’t quite grasp Marvel’s seemingly unwillingness to pay him what he believes he’s worth, which according to Marvel, is only around $250,000, also the same price they’re willing to offer Mickey Rourke to play the heavy according to a recent Variety article.

You have to wonder what Marvel’s problem is: are they really this tight with the purse strings? And if not, then why are they just letting their reputation get massacred in the press? But I guess you have to look at the pattern, because it’s there: Jon Favreau, Terrence Howard, and now Samuel L. Jackson. You can dismiss it once, maybe even twice, but three times and it’s a pattern. Mickey Rourke may have to start looking for another job.

Anyways, here’s what Jackson had to say (or, actually, laugh) about regarding the Marvel situation: