Sam Jackson meets Iron Man?

Nick1(Article by Tom G.) Ain’t It Cool News seems to have the exclusive word that Samuel L. Jackson will be appearing in Iron Man. Now that’s interesting enough news as it is, but what makes this even more exciting is the character he is going to play….Nick Fury!

Now those may recall Nick Fury as being David Hasslehoff with an eye-patch (from the ill-fated 1998 TV movie), but in the The Ultimates series, the character is actually based on Jackson, so this move makes sense. In fact here is his description from Wikipedia:

General Nick Fury is the director of S.H.I.E.L.D., the fictional branch of the U.S. military devoted to meta-human threats. In this version, he is black and occasionally joins the team on field missions, employing advanced spy technology (e.g. invisibility) to stay alive. Since the original Nick Fury had been based on the 1960s definition of cool, Dean Martin, the 21st century version would be based on the current definition of cool, Samuel L. Jackson

David Hasslehoff…Dean Martin…same thing. But the idea behind this move is supposedly meant to help set-up the proposed Avengers movie, which is certainly going to be an epic undertaking, and one that I can’t see happening anytime soon.

The full story can be read here.