Sam Mendes and Robert Downey Jr. Off to see the Wizard?

“Oz, the Great and Power” wizard, that is. Quite possibly, according to Production Weekly, who twitters that Sam Mendes, now that his Bond movie is on indefinite hold due to MGM’s money issues, may have already found a new project to occupy his time. He’s currently the front runner to direct “Oz”, with none other than the ever busy Robert Downey Jr. circling the titular Wizard role. You’d think someone like Johnny Depp would be all over this sucker, but ol Depp must be slipping in today and missed out.

“Oz” will be a prequel to the 1939 movie, and will focus on the mysterious Wizard, the only man who has the power to give everyone their wish. That is, when he’s not hiding behind curtains. Hey, there are flying monkeys around them parts, can you blame him?

'Okay, okay, don't push, there's plenty of Wizard love for everyone.'