Sam Raimi and Starz Enter the Teenage Girl Assassin Business with Noir


It looks like teenage assassin girls is the new booming genre in Hollywood. Hit-girl made the trend popular again in “Kick Ass”, and now you can expect at least two more movies about teenage assassin girls in the next year, including Joe Wright’s “Hanna” and “Violet & Daisy” (both starring Saoirse Ronan, by the by). Now Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert plan on adding their own touch to the genre with a new TV show on the Starz Channel called “Noir”.

The action show will be a live-action adaptation of a 2001 Japanese anime of the same name, about “two female assassins working in a criminal underworld. After discovering they’re mysteriously linked, the two and have to work together on missions (under the moniker of “Noir”) until they figure out why and how they are connected — or until one of them kills the other.”

Or I guess Raimi and company could make the girls not teenagers, though they certainly look like teens to me in these pics and video from the show. Then again, most girls in Japanese anime look like teenagers, so you know…

Stephen Lightfoot will write the pilot and executive produce along with Raimi and Tapert for Starz. The last time the two groups worked together, they came up with the instant hit “Spartacus: Blood and Sand”.

Here is the original show’s opening.

Author: Nix

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  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    And it’ll be on Starz! Count me in!

  • Asphodel

    The only teenager in the show as far as I know is Kirika, Mireille on the other hand could be in her early twenties… Though coming from a Noir fan (meaning myself) I would have to say that they would need to have Yuki Kajiura involved aside from the background and implied lesbianism (not to mention implied Kirkia/Mireille and obvious Chloe/Kirika). Noir would not be Noir without that.