Sam Raimi Sorta Confirms Bruce Campbell’s Meaty Role in Spidey 4

Bruce Campbell has previously said that he’s due for a “meaty” role in Sam Raimi’s upcoming “Spider-Man 4”, but he wouldn’t say what that meaty role is. Some have speculated that the role could be that of a villain, but certainly not another one-and-done cameo as in the previous three Spidey movies. When asked about Campbell’s statements, director Sam Raimi seems to have confirmed it. Seems, anyway.

As you may or may not know, Raimi and Campbell go way back, which is why Campbell appears in all three “Spider-Man” movies in small, but clever (and some would say, awesome) cameos. They go so far back, in fact, that Raimi loves to torture his bud in their movies together. So when Raimi says that sure, Campbell will have a “meaty” role in the fourth movie, it could mean anything from, “Yes, Bruce Campbell will be a villain, or some other major character” to “I’m gonna put Campbell into a ‘meat’ suit and have him stand outside a diner giving out coupons.” Actually, going the latter route would be kinda cool.

“Spider-Man 4” isn’t due out until 2011, with Gary Ross still writing the script and Raimi sending in notes. Apparently they have yet to decide on a villain for the movie, which seems like a big ass lie. Ross has been writing the script for a while now, and Raimi have been giving him notes, and they haven’t chosen a villain yet? Yeah, right, Sam Raimi, I believe ya, buddy.

The only sure bets about “Spider-Man 4” is that Tobey Maguire will be back as Peter Parker and Kirsten Dunst will return as Mary Jane. Apparently they’re dumping the Gwen Stacy subplot (bye bye, Bryce Dallas Howard, it was fun while it lasted) and going “back to basics”, as Raimi has said in recent interviews. Hopefully that doesn’t mean more moping about by MJ while Spidey goes to fight crime. Put the girl in a soap already.

Oooh, meaty role. I wonder what Sam has planned? So excited!

Oooh, meaty role. I wonder what Sam has planned? So excited!