Sam Raimi Talks Spider-Man 4 and 5

Well color me disappointed. I was kinda hoping Sam Raimi would prove us wrong and decide against coming back for the further adventures of Spidey, but after this interview with MTV, it certainly sound as if ol Sammy has put everything on the back burner to start work on “Spider-Man 4” and “5”. Why, Sam, why? Are there really more Spider-Man stories you desperately want — nay, MUST — tell with the character? Seriously? There isn’t anything else you wouldn’t rather do with your time, now that you’re already a gazillionaire and can do whatever you want? Like, oh, I don’t know, “Evil Dead 4”, maybe? But nope, you’d rather jump back into the Hollywood studio zone and crank out two more Spider-Man flicks back-to-back? Really, Sam? The passion’s still there, buddy?

Here’s what Raimi told MTV about Kirsten Dunst returning for the sequels:

“Kirsten, I’d love to work with her again,” Raimi explained to us this week, making it sound as if current plans to include Dunst for “Spider-Man 4” and “Spider-Man 5” are still up in the air, despite recent statements that she wants to remain with the franchise. “I hope she’ll be written into it. I couldn’t imagine making one without her, and I think she’s an important part of the movies.”

Weird. That sure sounds like Dunst was originally not expected to return. Which is good news for me, because I think MJ has worn out her welcome, and more Gwen Stacy is, at this point, preferable.

On the rumor that he’ll be shooting the films back-to-back:

“That had been talked about,” he said, deferring to the head of his studio. “It’s Amy Pascal’s decision. I don’t think it has been decided yet, and she’s the one that’s really going to make that decision; I’m really curious myself.”

According to Raimi, he’s “really excited” about coming back.

Really, Sam? Really? There isn’t anything else you’d rather do with your time? Other movies you’d rather make besides even more Spider-Man movies? Honestly?

Below: “Check this out, Topher. See this island? I’m buying that with my Spidey 4 and 5 paycheck. SHA-WEET, huh?”