Sam Raimi to Direct Clash of the Titans Remake?

Hey, kids, remember that movie with really lousy claymation about some half-dressed dude who goes to fight some chick with snakes in her hair while flying around on his winged unicorn? Yeah, they’re remaking that one. Specifically, the folks behind “300” is remaking it, going by the assumption that, hey, if it people like Ancient Greece stuff where people get their limbs chopped off, why don’t we just remake something like it instead of, you know, spending the effort to do something original? But I digress. The big news out of geekdom is that Warner Bros. is currently pursuing Sam Raimi to direct their “Clash of the Titans” remake.

This from IESB:

I received an email that stated that Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. are actively pursuing a certain director with a ton of geek credentials.

When I first heard the name I had to second guess my trusted source and double check with a couple of other insiders, guess what? It checked out.

The name of said director? None other than Sam “The Man” Raimi.

How solid is the news? There is no doubt that Warner Bros. has been offering Sam as my source says, “everything under the sun,” including some of its bigger franchise pictures and several DC properties.

Now scoff if you will at this news, but here’s one reason why I think Raimi will take the job: He loves this stuff. You can see it in “Army of Darkness” and in the “Evil Dead” films. Raimi grew up with this kind of movies, and I bet he nearly wet his pants when Warner offered the project to him.

So why is he holding out? Probably because he knows he can get other stuff along with this movie. It’s not often you get the chance to squeeze everything you can out of a studio. One should enjoy it when the chance presents itself.

If Raimi does end up taking the movie, I can tell you right now what his first casting choice will be: Bruce Campbell as Calibos. Why? Because Raimi loves to torture Campbell, and to make Campbell wear all that prosthetics to play the disfigured and deformed Calibos would give Raimi all kinds of chance to maim his favorite muse.

If it does happen, the remake is scheduled for a 2010 bow.

Sam Raimi to Direct Clash of the Titans Remake?