Sam Raimi Updates Spider-Man 4, More Evil Dead Promises

Between you and me and the three other guys who read this site regularly, let me confess that I’ve just about given up on an “Evil Dead 4”. At this point, I think it’s very obvious that Raimi just doesn’t have the passion for the franchise anymore, even though he keeps talking about making it when he has the time. Alas, that time is nowhere in sight, as he just wrapped “Drag me to Hell” and according to Raimi himself, “Spider-Man 4” is somewhere on the horizon with a February 2010 start date. I suppose he could direct something between then and now, but a movie as huge as “Spider-Man 4” will probably require at least six months of prep time.

Speaking to the LATimes, Raimi said this about Spidey 4:

The next installment beings shooting, I believe, in February 2010. As far as we’re concerned, that’s no time left because they need so much time to work on the screenplay, casting is long, the storyboarding and the shots are very, very complicated. There’s a lot of animation, there’s a lot of character design, costume design. It’s like making an animated film and a live-action film. I’ll just barely be ready.

On “Evil Dead 4”:

I would like to make “Evil Dead 4” with Bruce Campbell. I’ve said that before in an interview, and the fans sometimes say, “Why does he keep opening his big mouth about it and then not do anything about it?” So, I’m hesitant but — between you and me and just the people who read the L.A. Times — I’d still like to do that at some point. I do want to make it down the line.

Raimi also reiterates that he plans to remake the first “Evil Dead” with a young filmmaker behind the camera, while he will produce. Which is kind of odd: why would he still plan to do a fourth “Evil Dead” movie if he’s also planning to remake the first one? Wouldn’t the two existing cause some kind of rift in the space-time continuum? Methinks so.

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