Sam Rockwell to Join the Cast of Cowboys and Aliens

So far, the cast is looking fairly good for the upcoming Cowboys and Aliens. They’ve got Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde and Harrison Ford signed on, and despite losing Iron Man star, Robert Downey Jr., they’ve recently gained his rival, Sam Rockwell. Well, Iron Man’s business rival Justin Hammer (played by Rockwell), that is. I’m sure Robert Downey Jr. and Sam Rockwell get along just fine.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rockwell is set to play Doc, a bar owner who joins with cowboys in their battle against the aliens. Doc was originally supposed to be a heavy-set character, but after the writers learned Rockwell was interested in the role, they decided Doc may just slim it down a little to fit Rockwell’s physique.

As someone who knows very little about the graphic novel, I can’t say whether he’d do the original Doc character any justice, but what do you think: could he make a decent gun-slinging barman?