Sam Waterston’s Daughter and Clint Eastwood’s Son Enter Nowhere

Described as “Lost” in a forest by THR, the new supernatural movie “Enter Nowhere” will find Sam Waterston’s daughter Katherine (“The Babysitters”) and Clint Eastwood’s son Scott (“Invictus”) playing strangers who, along with two others who find themselves stranded inside a mysterious forest. The strangers seek shelter in a cabin and must work together to survive, but being that the film is described as a “supernatural thriller”, it probably means there are more than just things going bump in the woods around them. Where’s Ash and a chainsaw when you need him?

Jack Heller will make his directorial debut on the film, and will direct from a script by Shawn Christensen (who recently sold the Taylor Lautner-attached spec script “Abduction”) and Jason Dolan. Shooting commences later this week on location in Southampton, New York.