Sam Worthington and Helen Mirren are Nazi Hunters in Debt

Australian actor Sam Worthington has done a lot in his still relatively short movie career, but what he usually ends up doing best is fighting things. He played a croc fighting jerk in “Rogue”, a machine fighting resistance fighter in “Terminator Salvations”, a crippled soldier fighting aliens in “Avatar”, and more recently, he’s signed on to play a God fighting Greek in the “Clash of the Titans” remake. Now you can add Nazis to the list of things, and groups of people, Sam Worthington has fought in movies. The Aussie has been cast as the male lead in the new movie “Debt”, which Worthington will co-star alongside Helen Mirren as Nazi hunters harboring a dark secret that comes back to bite them in the ass in the present. The British film is a remake of the Israeli movie “Ha-hov”, and was adapted by Matthew Vaughn of “Layer Cake” and the upcoming “Kick Ass” movie fame.

More about the 2007 original via (POTENTIAL SPOILERS):

The 2007 Israeli original chronicled the efforts of three Mossad agents in the 1960s as they hunt down and capture a notorious Nazi war criminal, who ends up dead by suicide. Or did he? As it turns out, the criminal is very much alive, and had actually escaped his captors when one of the agents failed in their duties. The Mossad agents had concocted the suicide story to save their careers, a deception that goes swimmingly — until the war criminal pops up alive in the present day. Now, the since-retired Mossad agents — and one in particular — are forced to come out of retirement to finish the job they failed years ago.

The remake should follow the basic story outlined above. It’s a great premise for a movie, with Helen Mirren getting the plumb role. In the original, the female Mossad agent was the one who screwed up, and years later, must leave behind her comfy world as a writer and reacquaint herself with the ways of the assassin.

John Madden (“Shakespeare in Love”) directs for Marv Films, the U.K.-based company run by Vaughn and Kris Thykier.

Below: Trailer for the 2007 Israeli original. Can’t understand a thing they’re saying, but the faces and title cards sort of says it all.