Sam Worthington as Mad Max? Shooting in 2010?

Yes, and yes, according to the Aussie site The Daily Telegraph, which you would think would know about all things “Mad Max”, right? After all, it doesn’t get anymore Aussie than George Miller’s “Mad Max” movies. (Well, except for “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”. I haven’t a clue how to classify that one.) Word is that Miller is ready to shoot the fourth entry in his post-apocalyptic franchise as soon as next year, and that none other than Aussie favorite son Sam Worthington is being eyed for the leading role.

Or as the Telegraph puts it:

There has been no confirmation yet of who will play the role of the Road Warrior but rumours abound it will be Australian Terminator star Sam Worthington, with Charlize Theron to co-star.

I suspect the Worthington rumor exists purely because “Mad Max” is regarded as an Australian franchise and Worthington is Australian, and it makes sense (to Australians) that he would be right for the lead. The Theron tidbit was probably thrown in because she was recently said to be at the top of Miller’s list to play a lead in “Fury Road”. Basically, lots of rumors and not a whole lot of confirmation from anyone.

Even The Hollywood Reporter couldn’t resist reporting on the rumors, except they’re calling the basis of their reporting “local reports”. I’m assuming they meant the Herald, or perhaps a guy name Ned sitting at a bus stop somewhere.

Lord Humungus does not approve of all these unsubstantiated rumors.

Lord Humungus does not approve of all these unsubstantiated rumors.