Sam Worthington is Mad he’s Not Mad … Max

Okay, so maybe he’s not actually mad about not being Mad Max in George Miller’s upcoming “Mad Max 4: Fury Road”, but he is a little shock that he wasn’t even asked about the role by ol Georgie. Being that, you know, Mad Max is Australian, will be shot in Australia, and Sam Worthington is currently Australia’s Golden Boy, it would seem like a natural fit. Not so much, because Miller has since hired British actor Tom Hardy (“Bronson”) to play a younger Mel Gibson in the sequel, set for a 2011 release.

Worthington tells The Telegraph about being passed up for the role:

“Like [fellow Australian actor] Eric (Bana), I’ve never been approached… I would have loved it. From what I’ve heard, it’s going to be amazing… I’m sure (director) George (Miller) has his reasons. He’s obviously got his own ideas about the type of guy he wants.”

When you think about it, considering that Worthington has been attached to every big Hollywood movie at one point or another since 2007, it’s mind-boggling that George Miller never once considered him for Mad Max. Chances are, Worthington probably grew up with the role, and would have said Yes almost immediately.

In any case, Tom Hardy is your new Mad Max. It’s not an altogether bad choice, considering the actor’s incredible transformation for “Bronson”. If he goes all method in “Fury Road”, as he probably will, it could be a pretty good time.

Everybody wants to be the Max. But there is only one Max. Chumps.

Everybody wants to be the Max. But there is only one Max. Chumps.