Sam Worthington Replaces Tom Cruise on The Tourist

Aussie actor Sam Worthington’s plan to take over all of the leading man role in Hollywood continues unabated, as the “Terminator Salvation” star has now signed on to replace the departing Tom Cruise in the spy thriller “The Tourist”. The film, a remake of the French 2005 flick “Anthony Zimmer”, holds onto one half of its original star in Charlize Theron, who will play an Interpol agent that will do anything to get her man, even use a poor tourist played by Sam Worthington. The catch? The guy she’s after is her ex-lover. Oooh, pillow talk.

Bharat Nalluri (“Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day”) will be directing the Spyglass Entertainment thriller from a screenplay by Julian Fellowes, Bill Wheeler and Christopher McQuarrie, who last worked with Cruise in the World War II movie “Valkyrie”.

Considering Cruise’s recent spate of box office bombs, his leaving the project probably didn’t have the producers running around pulling out their hair. If anything, they might have been dancing with joy, drinking champagne, probably naked. I hear that’s what movie studio chiefs do when they hear good news. Either that, or call their “connection”. They still do drugs in Hollywood, right?

Anyways, the film is set to start production in January 2010, which probably leaves Worthington’s starring role in another thriller remake, “The Candidate” on the back burner. Or maybe he’ll do that movie first and jump into “Tourist”. You may not know this, but Sam Worthington is actually a cyborg, and doesn’t need to sleep. Those remakes don’t star themselves, you know.

Below: Hey, if she’s just gonna use you and lose you, at least it’s Sophie Marceau, right?